The DAVINCI goes ‘green’


The DAVINCI Hotel and Suites in Sandton has achieved the highest South African accolade for its environmental performance. Located in the heart of Sandton and part of the Nelson Mandela Square development, the hotel was built to be resource efficient and has some of the latest “green” technology.

This accolade gives us independent recognition of our sustainability efforts and the hard work and dedication of our staff in limiting our environmental footprint.

The DAVINCI uses LED lighting throughout the property; in-room ‘energy pods’ for efficient use of energy; and smart lighting systems in the car park areas. Eco-friendly shower-heads and taps enhance the water-saving efficiency. Another initiative is the use of recycled paper for all printed products used by the business. This includes the use of the Cyclus environmentally-friendly recycled paper range.

The hotel is involved with the Tshedimoso home-based care projects in Braam Fischer where facilities include a mobile learning centre and vegetable gardens and has an active greening project that includes the planting of indigenous trees in conjunction with Food and Trees for Africa.


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