Kwa Maritane’s Rangers Diary


What a morning in the Pilanesberg National Park! The weather is cool but pleasant and that animals are wild.

The lions were out in full force (Maybe in support of the “Lion vs Bulls” game this weekend). They were seen on Nkankane road close to the Dam, as well as on junction of Tshepe and Kwalata. Elephant, Hippo and plains game are in heavy concentration in the middle and around Mankwe Dam.

Just a word to the wise, drive carefully as the road conditions are not at there best at the moment but the good news is that Parks Board is hard a work to fix these.

Many of our guest often ask about Rhino sighting, well Rhino’s are found through out the park but unfortunately for the safety & protection of the Rhino’s we are unable to disclose their exact positions.

Till tomorrow.

Philip Buitendag
Head Field Guide

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