Legacy Sponsors Project Rhino Dinner

Rhino Function

SATIB Conservation Trust in aid of Project Rhino hosted a dinner in Johannesburg this week to raise funds for their first ever Rhino Youth Summit taking place in KwaZulu Natal later this year. This summit aims to educate children from around the world on our rhinos and how important it is to protect them from becoming extinct. The idea is to make these children Rhino ambassadors, and to take the information back to their countries to educate their communities on how vital it is for us all to work together to protect these endangered animals.

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Tshukudu Safari Stories by Shawn


Saturday afternoon treated us to a beautiful herd of elephants crossing the road and feeding next to us, very close. One little fellow was very interested in what this huge machine was and came up to investigate what we were. He was very brave. We were very quiet so as not to frighten him away, it looks like he is smiling at us. Wonder what it was thinking.

Kwa Maritane – Rangers Diary

Good morning with a lovely bird drive that took about 5 hours going from Tshepe to Mankwe finding lovely things like a Cinnamon Breasted Bunting, a Kori Bustard right on the side of the road, Crimson Breasted Shrikes, flocks of Waxbills and blue Waxbills to just mention a few of them.

We also saw a striped bellied sand snake. Mavuso the big bull elephant was right next to the hide. I think can say it was a successful day for small and large creatures with my guests asking question after question picking my brain of all its knowledge. That to me is wonderful when I can share knowledge with real nature enthusiasts who appreciate it all.

By Sheldon Hin
Field Guide

Kwa Maritane – Rangers Diary

Friday, 20th June

This morning my American guests and I headed out to see what the bush held. Half an hour into the drive it was still miserably cold but the impalas, wildebeest and rhinos kept their minds off the coldness. We tracked lions all the way from the Kwa Maritane Gate to G12 but with no luck they moved off the road. Hoping that the lions might have kept on walking we kept driving for three kilometers and were not disappointed.

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