Sightseeing At Tshukudu Bush Lodge


The general manager at Tshukudu Bush Lodge, Shawn Catterall, has been gone for a while but she is back!

People on social media really started to miss the wildlife photography and exciting game drive stories posted by Tshukudu over the past few weeks (I know we definitely did). But the posts that make us want to relive Shawn’s experiences through social media are back!

Yesterday, this photo of one of the two mature brother cheetahs in the park was posted to Tshukudu’s Facebook page. The cheetah’s where seen marking their territory against a tree next to the game drive vehicle.


On another game drive, a huge journey of giraffe where spotted. Two males had been seen “necking”. This is very special to watch as they try and hit each other with the tops of their heads and their horns, but only when it is done softly. Shawn described it as doing ballet around each other (we can only imagine). Fortunately the two giraffes were being very gentle with each other while swaying their long necks and dodging one another.


Lastly on the Tshukudu Facebook page, two lions by the name of “the spooners” were spotted on a game drive. After a while of habitual stalking by the game drive vehicle, the pair were seen walking toward the vehicle while marking their territories very strongly and roaring their intentions along the way. The lions were assumed to have been scrapping with each other either over food or ladies due to the one having recent scars and sores on his face. Shawn described it as “very humbling” to have them come up to the vehicle and glare at them intently before moving on their way.

If that doesn’t make you want to visit Tshukudu Bush Lodge, I don’t know what will! Like the Tshukudu Facebook page for more exhilarating wildlife stories.

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