Safari Chronicles At Tshukudu Bush Lodge

tshukudu bush lodge lion chronicle blog

Tshukudu Bush Lodge is known for the amazing wildlife that lives in the park. There is always spectacular sightings and events unraveling at the Lodge.

Here is a story from Shawn Catterall.

“One evening we were coming home after an exceptionally quiet drive – and in the spotlight we picked up a familiar figure – lioness in front of the lodge – we saw more and more of them – 10 in fact – they were hunting – lights off and ears straining to hear any noise or movement – after a while – it all happened – we heard wildebeest stampeding in front of us – and then the all too familiar distress call – they had one – we moved our vehicle carefully forward and there in the lights 10 lions around a male wildebeest – it took them less than an hour to devour him – just the stomach content left – the most amazing thing about the entire late evening were the sounds the lions made – grumbling, snarling, fighting, lashing out with paws and claws – it sounded like a thunder storm in the middle of them – we sat in the dark until it was all over – guests silent – totally silent”

tshukudu bush lion lion chronicle blog

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