Legacy Hotels Is Committed To Saving Life-Giving Water

commodore portswood water blog

With the water shortages in Cape Town, it is very important to save water. Our Legacy Hotels in Cape Town have taken special measures to do just that.

The Commodore Hotel & PortsWood Hotel are committed to saving Life-Giving Water by doing the following:

– Removing all bath plugs, thereby promoting a “bath-free”
hotel until restrictions are lifted.

– Making minor adjustments to our plumbing systems to
ensure maximum water conservation:

– Lowering of the overall water pressure without
inconveniencing our guests.

– Reducing the water volume per toilet flush by
500 ml.

– Supplying hourglass shower-timers to all bathrooms.

– Changing linen in long-stay rooms every 3rd day instead of
every 2nd day.

– Covering both pools until further notice.

– Recycling all available grey water.

– Communicating the importance of water conservation to
our guests through various avenues.

– Actively managing every aspect of our operation by first
considering the water levels in our dams.

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