Amazing Wildlife At Hwange Safari Lodge

Hwange Lioness 1

Hwange is all about wildlife, so game drives with expert guides are the order of the day at Hwange Safari Lodge. These can be enjoyed at night or in daytime but always in the care of expert guides.

The nearby water-hole provides a great view of game from each room, the restaurant, pool area and the viewing deck. While guests enjoy a long, cold “Sundowner”, they watch the trek to the water-hole by a rare mix of game from the impish impala to the majestic elephant for their end of day drink.

Powerful and majestic, the king of the beasts has no natural predators.

Unthinkably, African Lion numbers have plummeted by over 40% in the last three generations, due to loss of living space and conflict with people.

Lions are the most sociable of the big cats. They live in groups called prides, which usually consist of related females and their cubs. We see them all the time during our game drives.

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