Kruger Park Owl Release Project

owl release 10

Compliments to the professional approach and daily management of the Owl Release Programme at Kruger Park Lodge by Andre Eden and his staff.

They have been committed and dedicated to the Owl Release Programme from the beginning and still as it continues.

Lianda Naudé from Skova Biodiversity has done many owl release initiatives with large companies and individuals across South Africa for more than 20 years.  However, this project and working with Andre Eden has been the most enjoyable and professionally managed release that she has been involved with.  Often those who do an owl release project are enthusiastic at the beginning but soon lose interest as the programme progresses.  This is due to the fact that such a project requires ongoing participation and a time commitment by the corporate or individual.

Andre and his team have gone out of their way to participate in the project.  The well being and safety of the owls has always been a top priority for them.  They also resolved any obstacles which popped up, immediately.

To date we have released 6 owls (Spotted Eagle Owl, Barn Owl and two pairs of Wood Owls). Andre recently received comments from the guests that they are hearing more owls on the resort than previously and at times Andre and his team have spotted some of the release owls.

There are a further 2 Wood Owls in the release aviaries presently, they are scheduled for release early in February.  Thereafter a White-Faced Scops Owl and another Spotted Eagle Owl will go into the aviaries for release during March. No releases take place after March due to natural food sources lessening as we go into winter. Two orphaned owlets came in towards the end of last year aged 4 days old, at the time.  They will only be released next summer after the first good rains. Andre has suggested that these 2 be placed for over-wintering at Kruger Park Lodge.


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