Leopards At Tshukudu Bush Lodge

tshukudu female leopard 1

Guides had mentioned that there was a leopard in a certain area, so on our way home we thought we would take a chance. We were not expecting anything late in the morning but as we came around the corner, something had caught our eye.

I reversed and in the tree lay this beauty, I couldn’t believe our luck. She didn’t stay for long, she jumped down and we tried to follow her. She then crossed the road at a trot behind the vehicle and left the guests with big smiles on their faces.

Last week we were also called to a very rare sighting and we couldn’t believe our luck when we had got there! A leopard had just killed a wildebeest 10 meters from the road. When we got there it was chaos with traffic but by some luck we managed to get to a spot right in front of the leopard. He was trying to drag the carcass but it was way too heavy since he was exhausted and full of blood.

After all the excitement and extreme effort he settled and started to eat close to the road.

– Written by Shawn Catterall 

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