Family fun at its best


Get hooked on adventure and experience an exhilarating yet challenging outdoor adventure. Slide, balance, jump, crawl, dash, swing or stroll from tree to tree as you embark on this unique treetop adventure in lush, green forests.

Acrobranch Adventure Park offers 2 hours of non-stop aerial adventure with varying degrees of thrilling elements. From cargo nets, zip lines, barrels, rope bridges to balancing beams, Acrobranch Adventure Park offers a break from a technology-driven lifestyle. The perfect adventure for kids, parties, team-building, school-outings, year-end functions and bachelorettes.

Plan your outdoor adventure at one of our 8 locations and be challenged while staying safe. Walk-ins accepted, however, pre-booking is recommended to avoid missing out on this treetop experience. We are a cash-free zone! EFTs are welcome and card facilities are available at all locations.

Here are some fun informative tips for your adventure:

• Closed shoes – always a great idea for the outdoors across different terrain.
• Comfortable durable clothing – ensure that you wear clothes that you are able to move freely in, comfort is key for outdoor adventures.
• Always be alert – be cognisant of your surroundings from amazing photographic gems to potential hazards.
• Be physically prepared – practice some daily physical activities before embarking on an adventure. It’s not necessary to be fit for a marathon, start small and work your way up to ensure you complete the adventure.
• Be mindful of wildlife – from small bugs to larger animals, always keep a handbook of wildlife. This will help you appreciate and enjoy the surroundings whilst being safe.
• Keep an eye out for the weather – always research the climate of the location of your adventure to AVOID unforeseen weather changes.
• Increase your knowledge – do not be afraid to reach out for advice from someone with more experience of the outdoors.
• Don’t let the tick of the clock stop you – take your time and do not rush the experience. Truly immerse yourself in the outdoor experience.
• Pack like a professional – from flashlights to sunblock, prepare your bag like an expert.
• Keep hydrated – carry beverages to keep you nimble and thirst free.
• HAVE FUN – the most important tip for going on an adventure is to enjoy yourself and cherish these moments of laughter while experiencing the beauty of the outdoors.

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