Michelangelo Mixologists shine- Lopes a prospect for World’s Best Bartender Award

The final round of the WORLD CLASS Regional Finals was recently hosted at the Michelanglo Hotel Sandton. The regional final tested Johannesburg’s top mixology hopefuls with an “Of Earth & Sky” themed round, centred on premium tequila and rum.

Michelangelo bartenders Simpiwe Ngcobo, Jeff Lopes and Pervyval Ndawo all competed in the event.

Talented mixologist, 29-year-old Jeff Lopes is now one step closer to earning the coveted accolade of World’s Best Bartender in the prestigious WORLD CLASS Bartender of the Year competition, after clinching victory on the day. A great triumph for the Michelangelo hotel.
The National final will take place in July 2014, with winners

The thrilling Global Final will see 50 of the world’s best bartenders competing for the most coveted accolade in the luxury drinks industry, the title of World’s Best Bartender.

On his way to greatness - Jeff Lopes

On his way to greatness – Jeff Lopes

Percyval - Brave Bull

Simpiwe Ngcobo - Speed Round